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Taking them back to their Yorkshire roots, Mark and Keith have compiled this collection of seeds featuring their classic Moordale design. The selection of 10 varieties includes some of their favourite wild flowers, that can be found on the moors and dales.

WILD GARLIC (RAMSONS) (Allium ursinum) “The leaves of Ramsons be stamped and eaten in the Low-countries, with fish for a sauce, even as we do eat green-sauce made with sorrel. The same leaves may very well be eaten in April and May with butter, by such as are of a strong constitution, and labouring men.”

CULTIVATION: Sow the seed, in spring, 1cm deep in multipurpose compost, in a greenhouse or frame. It germinates quickly and can be grown on in the greenhouse or sheltered border for the first year. Plant out the dormant bulbs in the late summer of the following year. Divide the bulbs once they have died down and plant out into their permanent positions. The leaves are best eaten, fresh, in spring.

Available from early December (UK only).