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  • Image of SEA KALE SEEDS
  • Image of SEA KALE SEEDS

Created in collaboration with Manchester Art Gallery, our range of seeds is inspired by the wild flowers of Dungeness, bringing its magical landscape to your own garden.

SEA KALE (Lily-white): "A delicate good flavoured Seakale, and when forced pure white in colour. It is not as hardy as the common variety & the crowns should be protected from frost where necessary."

CULTIVATION: Sow the seeds in March, or early April in rows 1ft asunder, & thin the developing plants to 6 ins apart in the rows. In the following March transplant the established plants in their final position, spacing them 2 ft apart in rows. After a further year (to allow the plant to develop) the plants may be blanched in the spring by covering with a bucket. The flower buds, as they appear, may be used like Broccoli.

Available in UK only.