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  • Image of HONESTY SEEDS
  • Image of HONESTY SEEDS

Taking them back to their Yorkshire roots, Mark and Keith have compiled this collection of seeds featuring their classic Moordale design. The selection of 10 varieties includes some of their favourite wild flowers, that can be found on the moors and dales.

HONESTY (Lunaria biennis) “The stalks are laden with many flowers of a purple colour; which being fallen, the seed comes forth, contained in a flat thin pod, with a sharp point or prick at one end in the fashion of the moon.”

CULTIVATION: Best results come from sowing either in March to early May, or from August to September and thinning establishing seedlings to some 6-9 inches asunder in partial shade where their beauty will gladden the heart of all who come upon them.

Available in UK only.

Images: Lazaregagnidze & Christian Fischer
Wiki Commons